Fruiht Tageur

by Jay Tholen



Father Gabriel's contemplative gaze at the twilight sky was violently interrupted by a legion of alien flying machines. Rhythmic chants of "Dauda Fruiht Tageur-De" filled the air as the ships descended further. Gabriel blacked out. He later awoke with implanted memories depicting a species of intelligent fruit-like beings and their beautiful dying planet. These are the folk songs of a lost world.


More chippy prog shenanigans. This time with a slight Zeuhl influence. Fruiht Tageur was released in 2010.


released June 21, 2010

Jay Tholen - Everything other than the stuff by these folks:
John Crayon - Synthesizers, Guitar, Percussion (4, 5)
Van Hunsberger - Drums (4, 5, 7)
Travis Woodson - Voice (4, 5)
Moses Talbot - Bass Guitar (4, 5)


all rights reserved



Jay Tholen Brunswick, Germany

Jay Tholen is a person who can't get an irl prog/art rock band together so he makes electronic music instead.

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Track Name: Mangosteen Tageur
how can I just sit here gazing at this laptop screen tonight?
every second someone searching for You's giving up the fight
arrange these notes convincingly so everyone will know my name
no thought for the hurting sick or drifting loveless ones

do not think about it
dauda fruiht tageur-de
do not think about it
dauda fruiht tageur-de-de

kiwi, mango, berries,
seedless green and purple grapes and tangerines
why am I allowed to live when all I care about is me?

...and tangerines