Street Preachers From Outer Space

by Jay Tholen



i'm mildly embarrassed at this album now but I still like bits of it. and some of the lyrics are cool. it's a bit too, uh, weird al-ish and cocky/self-assured at times, but some of the sonic stuff i did must've been magic because i don't remember how I squeezed those sounds out of my meager ~studio~ at the time


released May 2, 2009


all rights reserved



Jay Tholen Brunswick, Germany

Jay Tholen is a person who can't get an irl prog/art rock band together so he makes electronic music instead.

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Track Name: Preachers Preaching, Pebbles Dreaming, Teachers Teaching
Down by the brook lies a family of stones
a mama, a papa, and two little ones
lulled quickly to sleep by the sound of the stream
chance is the nothing that enters their dreams

those rocks have never dreamt of time
these rocks have never dreamt of you
these rocks have never dreamt of me
these rocks have never dreamt of anything

reach for your chance, bow to your chance
pray to your chance, say "I love you chance"

stand up and look around
is it real and are you sure?
how can you know that what you're seeing
isn't made up in your mind?

now you've got it figured out
yeah you seen it written down
in all the knowledge that surrounds you
can it love you? can it love you?

and can those chance collisions
hold your hand out in the dark?
can they mend a stony heart?
can they keep you from falling apart?
Track Name: Pig Stole Our Golden Ring
the church where i grew up is now a community center
museum in the summer and a shelter in the winter
on display are artifacts that show building's faithful past
and some of them belonged to mom and dad

oakwood baptist church is now for ration distribution
trinity cathedral plans environment solutions
chapel on eighth street was once a temple of the Holy One
but now it's just a karaoke bar

pig with a nose ring
pig stole our golden ring
on his way to babylon
i'm just complaining
whining and blaming
right and the left wing
there aint no thing
to be sad about

starving children die with sad and shriveled little faces
wildfires ravaging the world in diverse places
blood is spilled across the land,
the blood of God, the blood of man
only one can save us from this hell

how much more
how much can you take?
how much more
how much can you take?

pig with a nose ring
pig stole our golden ring
on his way to babylon
i'm just complaining
whining and blaming
right and the left wing
there aint no thing
to be sad about

the Bridegroom's coming to take us home tonight
(we're going home)

a thousand flames are raining down
from afar we hear Your trumpets sound
fire falls through ash and cloud
as the presence of Your love surrounds us
Track Name: Big Gulf's Out Yonder
when we were kids
we used to pray out loud deep in those woods
and i know that you
that you can't hear me now but i really wish you could
and in our innocence we better understood
that a way was made upon that piece of wood

that thing you'd say
back when the neighbors asked if we were saved
it was cute, back then
but there's no party here and i can't recognize my friends
and now i don't remember my accomplisments
the flies that swarm around, they bake into my skin
and yeah i've made my fate and i've chosen my own end
and if it's not too late i pray He draw you into Him
Track Name: Peace
the mist left by a rainstorm
at it's end, is floating down

the smell of ground, it fills my lungs
as darkened clouds are drowned by sun

your peace descends from far above
i feel Your love, i feel Your love
Track Name: Covering Our Ears and Eyes, We Laugh
i remember
that morning
when we were late for school,
my brother tumbled head first down the old porch stairs
and i laughed so hard
i laughed so hard

i remember
that winter
scrawny neighbor girls were skating around outside
and the ice gave way to make a grave for them below
and i laughed so hard
we laughed so hard

a sick laugh permeates the air
in cold and public places
it rings out from the mouths of those
whom irony embraces
nothing can be real to them
no, nothing can be known
and when the joke is over
they'll find themselves alone

i remember
that evening
when we heard him beg for mercy,
but still we emptied rounds into his greying head
and we laughed so hard
we laughed so hard

--> removed <--
[[[ i remember
that summer
when we set ourselves on fire,
the pain had us in stitches as our father cried
still we laughed so hard
we laughed so hard ]]]

is the new crying
and you can tell
whose souls are dying
by looking at
the way they're laughing

we'd laugh ourselves to death
if we could have more time
to cover our ears and eyes but
we're greatly loved