The Call of Abaddon

from by Jay Tholen



leave those old ways
that are making you be
what you don't want to be
cause i really love you
and i will
gently caress you
and bring you pleasure
until the end

i am so mysterious
and you can be too
just chase the wind
and you'll find me
just follow your heart
and you'll find me
do what you will
and you'll find me
do what you will
and i'll take you
do what you will
and hold you here
do what you will
until the end

flickering hypnotic lights are
all aglow to draw the kids away
deep into a shallow grave
the city's arms are stretching wide
artfully inviting us to die
in the most delightful way
this love isn't real


from Vainglory, released September 10, 2011



all rights reserved


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